Registrar Message
Col. (Dr.) Rajesh Kumar


Education aims at constituting society based on values. It further aims at realising high moral, social and political values enshrined in civilisational goals. The legacy of imparting education in India has a rich tradition rooted in responsibility and quest for truth. The tradition's past philosophical roots have encapsulated various forms of schools, thought processes, ideas, and ideologies. In modern India, the quest for knowledge has unleashed multiple opportunities and challenges. University education aims to promote the values of the highest order and embed these values in young minds to understand, deliberate, and confront the challenges of the 21st century. JRSU Ranchi is a third university established in the institutions' set-up for the Security-related studies. It has found its bearings and is currently among the eastern –India's premier institutions after a very humble beginning. I take pride in the diversity among faculties and the students. The university has a rich social and cultural capital to its credit. I am committed to ensuring the best education to its students by administering an efficient and robust pedagogical technique. Discipline and unity remain the core of this institution. Work ethics and a professional work culture remain at the core of my heart. A prime focus of my engagement with JRSU is to contribute and develop it as a feeder institution to Armed forces(NDA, IMA, OTA, AFA, NA), CAPF'S and State police. I am intrigued by the wave of skill development and exploring all possible avenues to realise this objective. 'Atmnirbhar Bharat' and its underlying ideals motivate me to work in pursuit of excellence. Rooted in my personal experience of serving the country in uniform, I value holistic development through sports and adventure activities. This would help to nurture and realise the potential of the youth for national and international events. I have a firm commitment to a green and sustainable future. My belief in the synthesis of "EACH ONE TEACH ONE PLANT ONE" reflects the organic culture of education. Being a part of JRSU, we share a vision and a project to reckon with. A plan which is noble, purposeful and worth exploring.
I wish every constituent of JRSU all the best for the future endeavours.